Programme Requirements

3-year or more undergraduate degree (Laurea Triennale/Bachelor/Licence) in geological sciences, mathematical, physical and natural sciences, in engineering and in similar degree courses. An interview may be required, also online, in case there is a need for clarification on the titles presented.

  • Applicants possessing an Italian Laurea should have a degree or a degree credits in the following:
  1. Geological Sciences (L-34)
  2. Science and technologies for the Environment and Nature (L-32)
  3. Other technical-scientific classes that include the following ECTS (university credits): 6ECTS in mathematics and computer science (SSD – Settori Scietifico disciplinari - MAT, without constraints on individual SSDs and/or INF/01);  6 ECTS in chemical disciplines (SSD CHIM, without constraints on individual SSDs); at least 50 ECTS in SSD GEO and/or ICAR and/or ING and/or FIS and/or BIO and/or AGR, without constraints on individual SSDs. 
  • Applicants possessing non-Italian degree qualifications should have a degree or degree credits in the following:
  1. Degree in the fields of Earth Sciences (e,g, atmospheric sciences, geology, geography, planetary sciences)
  2. Degree in other scientific and technological subjects which include at least 60 hours in mathematics and computer science, at least 60 hours in chemistry, at least 500 hours in geology, engineering, physics, biology and agronomy.
Knowledge of English at or above the B2 level (CEFR); if without certification, an online interview will be conducted. If applicant is a mother-tongue speaker or possess an undergraduate degree from an English-speaking country, certification/interview is not necessary. Knowledge of the Italian language is not required since the course is taught in English.   

Official documents necessary for inscription must be certified:

Methods of Certification of the Authenticity of EU qualifications

Original documents from an EU university need to be certified to finalize enrolment:

Contact your university or access the website connected to it and make a request for certified documents for collection in person or electronically. Depending on the university from which the degree was obtained, it is possible that some degree certifications may require 1 or 2 revenue stamps (the cost of which will vary depending on the university)

Methods of Certification of the Authenticity of non-EU qualifications

Original documents from a non-EU university need to be certified to apply for a student visa and to finalize  enrolment. There are two methods outlined below to certify non-EU qualifications:

DECLARATION OF VALUE (Dichiarazione di Valore):

Declaration of Value (DV) is an official document that authenticates academic qualifications obtained in a country outside of the European Union to be recognized by Italian institutions.


Contact the Italian embassy or consulate in the area or city of the country where you obtained your academic degree.  Embassy or Consulate staff will provide you with the necessary procedure you will need to follow and documents you will need to obtain to get a ‘Dichiarazione di Valore in loco’.

If the country where you obtained your academic degree is part of the Hague Convention, you will need an apostille stamp. An apostille is a document that certifies the authenticity of official documents for use in  foreign countries and is typically issued by a governmental or notary commissioning agency in your home country. For details regarding which countries are part of the Hague Convention of 1961:

For non-EU nationals living in Italy under international protection, please see the link for further instructions: Declaration of Value for Beneficiaries of International Protection in Italy – Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale


Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence (CIMEA)

CIMEA provides online certification and comparison of foreign academic qualifications with the Italian educational system. Register on the CIMEA DiploMe platform to digitally provide your foreign academic qualifications and apply for their evaluation and/or verification. 


The cost of CIMEA services vary from €150 - €300 depending on the country of origin of academic qualifications. Check the Service Finder for more details.


Image Credit: CIMEA

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